First Glimpses

IMG_0003.JPGClaire is an articulate, loving, and caring soul.  she sought the best for her loved ones, especially her children and now her grandson.  I found an entry that allowed me a greater understanding of her depth of love in poetry.  She wrote this short note of feeling after seeing the ultrasound of her first grandchild.

Her last morning was spent holding, cuddling and loving him, Jamison ‘Jack’. He brought true joy and fulfillment to her life. She died only 4 weeks after he was born.

“Oh sweet grandchild of mine! Your tiny little arms, your folded legs and feet. The shape of your face is taking. All images of you in the very womb of my own child.
Feelings of joy and awe at what is to become “you “.

I prepare your mother the best I can for your arrival. Her softened shape and her glowing happiness pleases me.
We anxiously await the months ahead as you grow we wonder how you will be.  Our family grows and we are so blessed.

Our very first glimpses of you!”

-Claire Marie Benson




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