Our Little Row Boat

Hours led to days where we sat on opposite side of a row boat. I didn’t have an oar, nor did she, there weren’t any. There was no concern how far we drifted, how late it had become, or even how dark it was, we could always see the flame of the fire burning.

We went for a long drive that led us to our first time on the boat. This would be our 2nd first date. During the drive we had the opportunity to share with one another where we found our individual selves in life. We both didn’t expect to be where we were. We filled in the blanks on the previous three and a half years. On the drive she asked me, “Do you see yourself?” I had to contemplate the question. I wasn’t quite sure of the context, but it was self provoking.

When we found our boat, and sat in it for the first time. There really wasn’t much to navigate, it was easy, natural, even steady. We were there, together and we talked.  We had known each other for almost five years at that point.  We didn’t need to explain our selves, there wasn’t any fear of judgement. We had already shared a connection and we accepted each other as we were. I don’t know if we expected to spend so much time on this little boat.

On the boat we would gently drift and get lost in time. However, we were actually getting lost in each other. we would make plans to do something, other than going to the boat, but we just gravitated there. We talked, we laughed, we shared our thoughts and hopes. Time stood still while it passed. We both wanted to be on that little boat more and more.

So, every night I would make the 23 mile drive to her house, and it was there that we would sit on the couch in front of the light of the fire, her facing me and i facing her, our legs touching as we stretched them across the couch and resting them on opposite sides of one another. In this position, we joked that it is as if this was a row boat. It was on the couch that we could leave the shore and keep the past there. We only wanted to look forward.

Perhaps the third or fourth time on the couch, we came to our own conclusion. A conclusion that we wouldn’t share with each just yet, but looking forward we saw a different shore than the one we had been leaving. we saw a new shore, one with each other. We were in love. We were our future.

It was that easy, that natural and that simple to fall in love.  As for me, it would only take a spark.  The sparks were there, we had always had an amazing chemistry together and it didn’t take long to rediscover. On that first drive, I felt compelled to share with her that I often thought of our chemistry and how it wasn’t easy to find anything similar since. With a smile, trying to not revel too much, she told me she needed to hear that.

I started to understand her question to me. But I framed the answer to involve her. “Do I see myself?” I see a myself, living a more perfect life, with Claire.  My hopes and dreams were to be realized. Claire was my dream girl and she was mine. She accepted me unconditionally, as I never Felt i had been before. Our interests and passions were in parallel alignment. Our attraction for one another was intense. She would say that I was her dream man. She made the observation that she was the most “perfectly perfect ” girl for me, and I the most “perfectly perfect” man for her.  We were perfect for each other.

We had a love that was so unconditional, respectful, trusting and amazing. We had in each other that we had waited a lifetime to have.




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